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Serena Z is an electrifying presence on stage, combining her virtuosic violin abilities with soaring vocals. Masterfully intertwining Classical, Pop, Rock, and Electronic elements, she has created a distinctive sound that routinely captivates listeners. Serena Z has performed at numerous iconic venues across the United States, working alongside many legendary artists, such as: John Legend, Cassandra Wilson, and Yo-Yo Ma. More recently, Serena Z made quite the presence performing for several thousand viewers on the main stage at Hard Summer Festival 2022 with Lucii. Serena Z has also had tremendous social media success, drawing 116k+ followers and counting, with an engagement rate that places her as one of the top creators. Her live stream social media performances routinely draw an enormous audience, averaging 35k- 50k viewers per evening.

Her upcoming projects include several DJ collaborations as well as festival appearances. Serena Z is excited to release her next electro-pop single, “The Chase”.

Alexa Young, CA

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